Thursday, November 13, 2014

Remember Solyndra and the 'Special Interests' FOX Speak About

From everything leading up to and following, what we used to do so successfully across all economic growth industries, into the Alternative Energy resources, they had developed a great product. But it was rather expensive to build but offset with cheaper costs to install.

The rapidly emerging Alternative economic markets, China, despite our media reports always condemning the heavy coal, especially, developed deep smog of, forgetting that not long ago many heavy metro area's here weren't far from same as well as acid rain destruction and much more pollution damage and health problems from, along with others are using some of that Solyndra technology in their growing economic development in Natural Alternatives. As they also are rapidly developing newer technologies into same.

Now that the loan program is turning a profit, those critics are silent. They either declined or ignored NPR's requests for comment.

What we had virtually stopped, slammed the brakes on, some forty years back. Reversing what we had been doing and buying into the 'special interests' reasons to. Like fossil fuels are never ending supply of, even as it took thousands of years to create yet only seconds for us humans to burn off, while the supply of will never be depleted and more. Now all they have left is denial in the damage already done and still causing, climate change for one. At the same time that was happening, for huge corporate profit growth, we started exporting our innovative, and highly experienced, trades to those that heavily envied what we as a country were building economically and much more.

After Solyndra Loss, U.S. Energy Loan Program Turning A Profit
November 13, 2014 - In 2011, solar panel company Solyndra defaulted on a $535 million loan guaranteed by the Department of Energy. The agency had a few other high-profile bankruptcies, too — electric car company Fisker and solar company Abound among them. But now that loan program has started turning a profit.

Overall, the agency has loaned $34.2 billion to a variety of businesses, under a program designed to speed up development of clean-energy technology. Companies have defaulted on $780 million of that — a loss rate of 2.28 percent. The agency also has collected $810 million in interest payments, putting the program $30 million in the black.

When Congress created the loan program under the Energy Policy Act of 2005, it was never designed to be a moneymaker. In fact, Congress imagined there would be losses and set aside $10 billion to cover them.

Still, when the Solyndra case emerged Republicans on Capitol Hill had pointed criticism for the Obama administration. Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., called the Solyndra case "disgusting" and Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, labeled it "a colossal failure." The conservative group Americans for Prosperity produced a television ad accusing President Obama of paying back campaign contributors.

There was an FBI raid on Solyndra's headquarters and an investigation but so far, no prosecutions. Now that the loan program is turning a profit, those critics are silent. They either declined or ignored NPR's requests for comment. And with that, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz wants to change your perception of his agency's loan program. read more>>>

Those 'special interests', with full backing of the FOX speak politics, have been some what successfully still blocking not only economic growth but everything that comes with same, well compensated jobs with innovation and growth experience in, we were so good at once, not long ago. Especially in the countries need to come quickly out of the economic collapse they created with their new capitalism ideology, reaganomics con, of bottom up wealth, with two still unpaid for very long wars and the results of including the countries responsibility the VA, and trickle down benefits of. Those buying that con are still waiting for that trickle down as they pay for the needs of those with the wealth!

Fossil fuels aren't going away anytime soon, no matter what the deniers, a really poor excuse to stop growth in a huge industry, try and use their very weak arguments for their handilers the 'monied special interests'. Alternatives though will greatly deminish the need for and many uses of with huge benefits for the planet!

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