Green Eco: Documents

Below you will find a wide variety of Studies, Reports and more I have found, related to the environment etc. as well as moving forward towards green living needs, since starting this site that were PDF links I uploaded to DocStoc for easier viewing, you can view in full screen, and or to download if one feels like, rather than having to download the PDF's separately.

They cover the latter part of 2010 forward and I will continue to use same method, posting them up with the reports and links where found, many already scattered throughout the site in earlier short posts.

Most are Government or Government Agencies reports etc. some are from private groups. If seen by those with these groups and they would rather not have them in this form or my using them please feel free to contact me and I will remove them.

This page can be used to find the ones I have already much easier, just subject title with link to the reader.



Charlotte 2030: A Sustainable Vision for Our Region

Adapting North American wheat production to climatic challenges, 1839–2009


Composite Panel Association on BCAP Final Rules

Navy: "Energy Program for Security and Independence"

The Business of Energy Efficiency:

Deepwater Horizon: Final Report (Released 01/11/2011)

Exposure to Depleted Uranium

"Many Shades of Green": Calif. Green Jobs Growing

Attn: Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange in Korea

Tax Incentives: Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008

Report: Rebuilding Green, BlueGreen Alliance

Europe: A New Green Economy

Scientists Forecast an Altered Ocean

NOAA Climate Scientists Cleared

UNEP: Towards a Green Economy

Africa: Towards a Green Economy

i6 Green: Bring Innovative Ideas to Market

Our Environment: 42 disease clusters in 13 U.S. states

The Fix We're in For: Bridges,Infrastructure

Bureau of Reclamation: Hydro Assessment Report

U.S. Nuke-Disaster Preparedness: Chain of Command?

Navajo Toolkit: Setting up a New Green Business

Agreement to Fund Gulf Coast Restoration Projects

WWF's Living Forests Report 2011-Chap. 1

More to be added as I find them


Anyone wanting to embed or link back to these feel free to do so. For my Veteran brothers and sisters I have a number of VA and Veterans Groups reports and studies etc. that you can find on my DocStoc profile page related to many Veterans issues like PTS, TBI, Wounded Warriors,Present Occupations,Vietnam Era Related and more, will be adding to these as well. They can also be found on one of my sites that is Veterans Issues related.