Monday, November 17, 2014

Navy’s “Renewable Energy Push”

The Navy’s “Renewable Energy Push” in Hawaii
November 16, 2014 - A new website has been launched to highlight alternative energy efforts sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) in Hawaii, fast becoming ground zero for the Navy’s push to develop “green” technologies.

The Asia-Pacific Technology and Education Partnership (APTEP), now online at ASIA-PACIFIC TECHNOLOGY & EDUCATION PARTNERSHIP, focuses its multifaceted approach to renewable energy on Hawaii because of the state’s abundance of reliable wind, solar, bioenergy, wave and geothermal resources.

APTEP approaches the issue from three angles, supporting cutting-edge energy research; educating students and teachers in energy-related fields; and supporting businesses trying to bring alternative energy products to the marketplace.

“Everyone is focused on Hawaii right now,” said Dr. Richard Carlin, head of ONR’s Sea Warfare and Weapons Department. “The studies we’re conducting there and technologies we’re developing will not only help the Navy reduce its need for fossil fuels, but also move the country closer to energy independence.” read more>>>

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