Monday, September 8, 2014

Friendship TrailBridge could be solar power source

Proponent says Friendship TrailBridge could be solar power source
September 7, 2014 - Neil Cosentino is trying to save the Friendship TrailBridge again.

Cosentino, a retired jet fighter pilot, was given much of the credit for saving the former Gandy Bridge when the state and the local county commissions wanted to demolish it in 1997.

Cosentino and other grass-roots supporters persuaded authorities to refurbish the then-41-year-old bridge and reopen it as the Friendship TrailBridge, a popular destination for pedestrians, bicyclists and fishermen.

Now, with the bridge again facing destruction, Cosentino is floating a plan to put power-producing solar panels on the TrailBridge, as well as on the newer Gandy Bridge spans and the Howard Frankland Bridge.

Companies at either end of the bridges would invest in an electric co-op that would own the solar panels and they would benefit from inexpensive electricity, he said. And the clean energy produced by the panels could be used to spur high-technology companies at the sites. read more>>>

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