Monday, September 8, 2014

Buddhist singing bowls and solar cell design

The Shape Of A Buddhist Singing Bowl Has Inspired A More Efficient Solar Panel
Aug 26 2014 - The shape of a Buddhist singing bowl used for meditation has inspired an Australian scientist to re-think the way solar cells are designed to maximize their efficiency.

Niraj Lal, of the Australian National University, found during his PhD at the University of Cambridge, that small nano-sized versions of Buddhist singing bowls resonate with light in the same way as they do with sound.

He’s applied this shape to solar cells to increase their ability to capture more light and convert it into electricity.

“Current standard solar panels lose a large amount of light-energy as it hits the surface, making the panels’ generation of electricity inefficient,” says Niraj.

“But if the cells are singing bowl-shaped, then the light bounces around inside the cell for longer.”

Normally used in meditation, music, and relaxation, Buddhist singing bowls make a continuous harmonic ringing when the rim of the metal bowl is vibrated with a wooden or other utensil. read more>>>

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