Monday, May 12, 2014

Passionate About Renewable Energy

The Solutions Project, Your Personal Invite
09 May 2014 - There really is nothing quite like being engaged in real solutions. The joy of being liberated from overwhelm, self-doubt and apathy is beyond words. If you were waiting for your personal invite to the global party, here it is ;)

We are all starting to realize that integration between separate fields is important for real change. The term holistic isn’t only applicable to personal health, it is intrinsic in culture. This understanding is what led me to start Culture Collective in 2005 with the help of Kathy Eldon and The Creative Visions Foundation. It is also why I am so excited about The Solutions Project.

The first solution on the agenda is 100% renewable, non-polluting energy and if you are still a doubter then you really should bite your tongue and check out their website. Addressing the issues from a cultural, economic, and scientific perspective is key to their approach. Not to mention that they have the media star-power to get the word out when the time is right.

Mark Jacobson, Mark Ruffalo, Marco Krapels and Josh Fox are determined to: read more>>>

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