Friday, May 16, 2014

Operation Free: Climate change is a catalyst for conflict

Michael Breen - Fmr. Army Officer:

This week, I joined retired four-star Air Force General Don Hoffman to discuss the release of the CNA Corporation's new report, National Security and the Accelerating Risks of Climate Change.

The report, authored by CNA's Military Advisory Board - an elite group of 16 three and four-star Admirals and Generals - issued a stark warning about the national security risks posed by climate change. Due to the accelerating pace of the impacts, climate change is a "catalyst for conflict."

The message is clear: we must act quickly to combat this threat.

Share this graphic, and show your support for strong action TODAY to reduce climate risk.

As a former Army officer, I learned about the link between climate change, energy, & national security on the battlefield. The impacts of climate change will create a more destabilized world, and I know more of our troops will be called upon to respond to climate-related disasters and conflicts.

Bottom line, climate change is as serious as any national security challenge we, as a military and as a country, have ever faced. We have an obligation to act.

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