Monday, December 23, 2013

Koch brothers {ALEC} Blocking the Sunshine

As the some forty years plus of special interest groups heavy funding, old reasons fell by the wayside as they were forecast would, to hold down advancing industries and technologies continues, coming up with new excuses and reasons that to hold no status in reality, especially related to alternative clean energy sources!!

Let the Sun Shine In
22 December 2013 - Now the Koch brothers are coming after my solar panels.

I had solar panels installed on the roof of our Washington, D.C. home this year. My household took advantage of a generous tax incentive from the District government and a creative leasing deal offered by the solar panel seller.

Our electric bills fell by at least a third. When people make this choice, the regional electric company grows less pressured to spend money to expand generating capacity and the installation business creates good local jobs. Customers who use solar energy also reduce carbon emissions.

What’s not to love?

According to the American Legislative Exchange Council, a conservative network better known as ALEC, our solar panels make us “free riders.” What? read more>>>

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