Thursday, December 26, 2013

Generating About the Same Amount of Energy Consumed

The Net-Zero Home — From Concept to Reality
26 December 2013 - As the name implies, net-zero homes generate about the same amount of energy that they consume. These homes generally have a very low carbon footprint, as well. It should be noted that net-zero homes are not necessarily disconnected from the power grid. A home with solar power, for example, might generate excess energy during the day and consume more energy at night.

For years, the net-zero home has represented an elusive goal in energy efficiency. While some buildings such as off-the-grid wilderness cabins have achieved the distinction in the past, they really couldn’t compare with a conventional home. Widespread achievement of this goal has been limited by technological and financial constraints.

Fortunately, times have now changed and technology has finally caught up with ideology. Individuals willing to make a substantial investment in energy conservation and power generation can indeed build a net-zero home that does not compromise the comfort and convenience that we all enjoy in other types of homes. read more>>>

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