Monday, January 7, 2013

Prototype Solid State Energy Device (SSE)

Despite the once successful well funded special interests continued efforts to stymy growth in a possibly huge industry, as they have for some forty years and now use the denial of climate change as they can't use the many other excuses anymore, the industry is growing and innovating, trouble is what we could have already had and led in in the U.S. is now mostly being expanded oversea's and by those that once envied us!

Solid state energy device to generate energy from waste heat
CDP’s TC3 solid state energy device generates electrical current from heat, solar and geothermal sources

04 January 2013 - Clean Development Projects Limited (CDP), based in Hertford, have designed, built and successfully tested a prototype solid state energy device (SSE) which the company intend to develop commercially. The TC3 device generated more than 4 watts of electrical power from one normal sized cup of coffee and has been developed to generate electricity initially from waste industrial heat as well as solar and geothermal sources. It is also intended as a competitor or complement to organic Rankine cycle systems (ORC) which utilise waste heat from industrial sources to produce electricity and which are often used in cogeneration plants.

The TC3 employs well known thermoelectric effects to generate current from heat at temperatures ranging from 20°C through to 300°C or more. read more>>>

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