Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pentagon Wants to Improve its Energy Security

U.S. military pursuing microgrids
1/3/2013 - The Pentagon wants to improve its energy security by using microgrid technologies.

The U.S. military's heavy reliance on fossil fuels, often imported from regions hostile to American security interests, is forcing the issue. Microgrids enable military bases to sustain operations, regardless of what is happening on the larger utility grid or in a war zone.

Pike Research forecasts that, in an typical war-time scenario, the total capacity of U.S. military microgrids will reach 54.8 megawatts by 2018.

Microgrids use networked generators as an integrated system to maximize energy efficiency. They also can be used to help integrate renewable energy resources at the local distribution grid level.

According to DOD, over 40 military bases either have operating microgrids or are planning and demonstrating microgrid technologies. read more>>>

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