Saturday, June 9, 2012

Green tech and gas

Holland and Israel: Green tech and gas
Shortly before Holland's finance minister visits Israel, Ynet explores Netherlands' green technologies

06.09.12 - More than half of The Netherlands was once covered by water until residents drained the and for settlement and agriculture through a sophisticated system of dams and the country's now-iconic windmills. However, this means that despite the nation's pastoral appearance, untamed nature is in short supply.

The Netherlands, is seems, is busy developing clean technologies and branding itself a green pioneer, and its government is cooperating with Israel on projects relating to water, agricultural produce, energy, and innovation.

This week, businesspeople and public figures from Holland were in Israel for a conference hosted by Holland's finance minister that focused mainly on issues related to natural gas, which has become a hot topic for Israel with the recent discovery of large offshore resources.

Holland, meanwhile, is the biggest exporter of natural gas in Europe, but a large part of its gas reserves have already been depleted. read more>>>

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