Wednesday, February 1, 2012

White House: Strategy for American Innovation

A Strategy for American Innovation: Securing Our Economic Growth and Prosperity

White House standards memo sends strong signal, says Saunders
February 1, 2012 - A Jan. 17 White House memo on the importance of private sector involvement in standards-setting sends an important message to federal agencies and foreign governments, said Mary Saunders, director of the standards coordination office in the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Senior executives of three White House Offices--the offices of Science And Technology Policy and Information And Regulatory Affairs, and the U.S. Trade Representative--signed the memo, which articulates principles for federal agencies to follow when developing standards.

Most standards developed and used in U.S. markets are created with little or no government involvement, the memo notes, and federal policy continues to be one of "reliance on private sector leadership, supplemented by federal government contributions to discrete standardization process," it adds.

Until the memo was signed, "we've never had out of the White House a strategic statement about the importance of standards to innovation, about the importance of the private sector-led system," Saunders said in an interview. read more>>>

Standards.Gov offers background materials and useful links for locating information about the use of standards in government. Our primary focus is on federal agency use of standards for regulatory purposes.

A Strategy for American Innovation: Securing Our Economic Growth and Prosperity

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