Friday, February 3, 2012

This Week in Clean Economy:

Where once, not long ago, this Country moved rapidly into development, innovations, quality control for better product, growth in experienced innovative workers and so much more, envied by others around the planet, it now takes some forty years to Finally grasp the importance of what we had started back then and let fissile. To late, probably, as that which once was here is now exported to other countries and in the time they've had they now have what we once did and they envied as they've moved rapidly forward on our possible new industry products and are continually advancing the products of with job and economic growth in many area's as a direct result.

Pressure Is on Obama to Finalize National Solar Plan
Advocates trumpet the nation's first solar plan on public lands and urge quick action. Election-year debate over jobs spills into U.S.-China solar spat.

Feb 3, 2012 - Pressure has begun to build for President Obama to make good on his State of the Union pledge to greenlight vast solar installations on public lands by year's end, with supporters seemingly growing antsy that it's either that or nothing in 2012.

On Monday, about 20 solar industry advocates, electric utilities and major environmental groups, led by the Natural Resources Defense Council, urged Obama to formally put into effect rules for the country's first solar program on government-owned lands by this fall.

The national solar plan, unveiled by the Obama administration more than a year ago, would open 20 million acres of federal lands in six Western states to large-scale solar plants. The most essential part of the plan is to remove permitting roadblocks that have strangled renewable energy growth on public lands blessed with abundant sunshine and other green resources. Another part is to build transmission corridors to carry the sun-powered electricity to surrounding communities. read more>>>

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