Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nordic Countries Green Economic Growth

Nordic Countries Talk in Oslo about Green Economic Growth
Norwegian Ministry of the Environment arranges a Conference on Green Economic Growth in Oslo on Thursday March 1st.

20.02.2012 - The Conference, with broad international participation, will be conducted in English, and will build on recent Nordic and international work on greening the economy and on green economic growth.

The aim of the Conference is to discuss how to deepen and strengthen efforts to achieve greater resource efficiency and greener economic growth and development in the Nordic countries, and, in particular, how to follow-up both the EU2020 Strategy with its Road Map on Resource Efficiency and the report from the Nordic Prime Ministers’ Task Force on Green Growth.

Experience of the Nordic countries in greening their economies

The Conference will include presentations from UNEP’s International Resource Panel, from the European Union, on the Road Map on Resource Efficiency, and from the OECD, on the role of innovation in OECD’s Green Growth Strategy.

There will also be presentations based on the Nordic Council of Ministers’ own work on a Green Economy, including on the experience of the Nordic countries in greening their economies, on research and innovation policy, policies for promoting environmental technologies, and on economic instruments and on green procurement, environmental labeling and voluntary agreements. Two examples from greening industrial production in the Nordic countries are also included in the programme. read more>>>

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