Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Farmers flock to Kinetica small-wind opportunity

Rural businesses and landowners urged to investigate revenue potential offered by small-scale wind turbines
20 Feb 2012 - Contrary to popular belief, rural interest in wind turbine technologies is currently soaring, according to one of the UK's leading green entrepreneurs.

Speaking to BusinessGreen, Peter Darwell, former boss of independent energy firm Economy Power, which was sold to E.ON in 2005, and chairman of three renewable energy developers, said his latest venture is expanding rapidly on the back of huge demand for wind energy projects from farmers, landowners and businesses.

Kinetica Energy has adapted the so-called free solar model to the small-wind-turbine sector, leasing suitable land to install turbines with between 10kW and 500kW of capacity, which then qualify for the government's feed-in tariff incentive scheme.

"We do all the funding, so we are effectively leasing the land and then by way of payment we either give the landowner free electricity, free electricity and an income, or an income," explained Darwell. "We usually give them 50 per cent of the 'spill' – the income from the extra energy they do not use that goes to the grid – but deals will depend on the size of the turbine." read more>>>

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