Saturday, January 7, 2012

Solar PV & Remote, Distributed Microgrids

Poised to Improve Living Conditions for Millions
January 4, 2012 - Integrating solar photovoltaic (PV) panels with remote, off-grid microgrids will drive rapid growth of distributed renewable energy systems in rural and remote areas worldwide, affording greater numbers of communities, agricultural areas, and small businesses access to cleaner, more reliable, and more efficient energy generation. Such growth has the potential to literally and figuratively empower millions to improve their lives and living conditions.

Diesel engine generators are still the norm when it comes to remote microgrids, but growing adoption and spread of distributed renewable energy technology and smart microgrids is changing that. As recently noted, solar is now cheaper than diesel in India. ”The primary driver for remote microgrids over the next years will be the integration of solar photovoltaics (PV), a technology that will help reduce fossil fuel consumption,” according to a forecast from Pike Research. read more>>>

Pike Research report speculates global remote microgrid market will reach 1.1GW by 2017
04 January 2012 - According to a new report by Pike Research, Remote Microgrids, the worldwide market for remote microgrids over the next six years will expand from 349MW of generation capacity to over 1.1GW by 2017. The catalyst behind the increase will be the integration of solar PV, which Pike advised would help reduce diesel fuel consumption. read more>>>

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