Saturday, January 7, 2012

LEED retrofits vrs. New construction

Outpace new construction in 2011
For the first time, LEED certifications for existing buildings were greater on a cumulative basis than those awarded LEED status for new construction projects.

The U.S. Treasury Building, which was constructed in Washington throughout the middle of the 19th Century, recently was awarded LEED Gold status, making it the oldest building in the world to receive LEED certification. (Photo: NCinDC/Flickr)

Jan 04 2012 - Environmentally-friendly practices aren’t just for new buildings anymore. Their existing – and, in some cases, elderly – counterparts are catching on, too. In fact, the organization that oversees the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program recently announced that, for the first time, the square footage of commercial and institutional buildings that received LEED certification as existing facilities is greater on a cumulative basis than the square footage of those awarded LEED status as new construction projects. read more>>>

By the way, allot of these retrofits are happening in government buildings, long over due for, and fell under the Recovery Act funds. They will pay off quickly and save monies related to the bills for the operation and maintenance of these buildings going forward!! We could have had more, with more job growth in the depressed construction industry thus job growth and small business growth in the private sector where those working on these jobs spend their earnings, with more stimulus if it had not been obstructed in congress and if the private sector had been actually investing in sensible growth or investing at all!!

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