Saturday, March 5, 2011

Students Grow Ideas To Green Their Schools

Want reality and answers, always go to the intelligent among us, the kids!! Especially in these last decades as the mentality of the adult population has dropped so far and continues, sadly, for far to many!!

National Geographic Challenges Schools To 'Find Your Footprint' And Go Green

03/ 3/11 - In a clear role role reversal, kids across the country are schooling their teachers and communities about reducing waste.

These students have come up with plans to cut down their schools' footprints, with ideas ranging from a waste-free day in the cafeteria to a more eco-friendly cleanup routine in art class.

The schools are competing by earning online votes in order to win five interactive whiteboards, among other prizes, sponsored by National Geographic and Proctor & Gamble.

At The Park School in Massachusetts, a fourth-grade class came up with the Catalog Canceling Challenge, creating a video with instructions on how to cancel unwanted sales catalog in an effort to save trees.

It's become a national effort including kids in 21 states who have canceled 53,000 catalogs, Wicked Local reports. Teacher Ted Wells even shaved his head as a reward. {continued}

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