Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nairobi and a Green Economy

One wonders why so many countries, especially so called third world labeled, are taking the lead on advancing the obvious with the hopeful end results being a much cleaner world environment and much more while here in the U.S. detractors go out of their way and misunderstand the term 'global warming', on purpose and lead of the established corporate powers, as we fall far behind the rest of the planet! Where once we led, and were envied for, we now are rapidly becoming 'the' third world country and in only some thirty years, in oh so many ways! This one doesn't as I lived in the first some thirty of growth and lead and the second some thirty of destruction of this country as the leader!

Green economy in spotlight at Nairobi meet

05 March, 2011 - Issues coming out of the ministers of environment meeting in Nairobi last week looked directly at the adoption of a green economy to improve capital base and ecosystem.
The ministers came from over 100 countries to attend the 26th United Nations Environmental Programme Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum also said governments have a key role in changing laws and policies to make the transition to green economy possible.
Swaziland was represented by Tourism and Environmental Affairs Minister Macford Sibandze.
Ecopreneur reports that in his opening remarks, Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki reaffirmed that his government was tapping into that country’s abundance of renewable energy to secure a future that was based on a sustainable green economy.
“Kenya is committed to playing its role as host of UNEP and the entire UN fraternity,” President Kibaki said.
He was quoted as having said that large scale investments in geothermal and wind energy production programmes were already under implementation in the country and supported with extensive forest restoration programmes. {continued}

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