Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Emerging ‘Green’ Economy

It started to 'emerge' some three plus decades back and should be well on it's way and an established growth industry in this country already! Decades long talk and reports, still too much of that and not enough investment in, especially by the private sector as they block public investment and advancement. Certainly not enough projects being planned nor implemented as those who do struggle in the collapsed construction economy, not even existing infrastructure problems!

Shift to ‘green’ economy affecting labour market

Mar 18, 2011 - The emerging ‘green’ economy is having — and will continue to have — a “remarkable” effect on the labour market, a new report by the Niagara Workforce Planning Board and two partner agencies says.
The new report, co-authored by the Hamilton Training Advisory Board and the Workforce Planning Board of Grand Erie, was released earlier this month. Called ‘The Future of the Green Economy,’ the report said the green economy is a rapidly growing sector affecting a wide array of businesses and occupations.
The report delved into detail occupational analysis in six key sectors: utilities; agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting; construction; manufacturing; transportation and warehousing; and administration and support, waste management and remediation services.
The ‘green’ economy includes economic activities and jobs related to reducing the use of fossil fuels, decreasing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy efficiency, recycling, and developing and adopting renewable sources of energy, the report said.
Among the many shifts the green economy is bringing are the creation of solar technology companies to replace larger manufacturing firms that have disappeared, the establishment of wind turbines and solar panels on agricultural lands, and the introduction of hybrid vehicles. {continued}

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