Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Race to the Bottom: Let’s take Clean Energy

The whole ideology of the tepublicans for the past some thirty years has been to tear apart the once envied around the World advances our granparents and parents, if you're over fifty, worked so hard to establish in giving us a better world then theirs. From wall street, banker and executive suites credit, and more, schemes to now trying to tear apart workers rights and the middle class. These aren't business minds nor intelligent business practices, they are a grab for total control of the masses, the amerikan tyrants, and their cult, are upon us.

Gov. Walker Assaults Jobs, Innovation, and Clean Energy in Wisconsin

SOURCE: AP/Andy Manis: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker refuses to support clean energy policies. And now he's going after unions, which will ultimately undermine critical services in the state and hurt investment and jobs.

February 22, 2011 - Newly elected Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker held an event called “Wisconsin is Open for Business” the day he was inaugurated. But every move the governor makes shows him to be an antibusiness, anti-innovation politician intent on running the state into the ground.

Let’s take clean energy. Clean energy industries offered a glimmer of hope during the past two years in the midst of a national recession that has hit the Midwest particularly hard. In Michigan, for example, total private employment dropped 5.4 percent from 2005-2008, while during the same period employment increased by 7.7 percent among the state’s 358 “green” firms. Michigan’s new governor, Rick Snyder, recognized the growth potential of these industries when he ran on a 10-point plan that emphasized the need to invest in clean energy sectors such as advanced batteries.

In Ohio, too, the green writing is on the wall. New Gov. John Kasich initially sounded off against clean energy, running on a platform that included rolling back the state’s renewable energy standard. But he reversed this position soon after his election when multiple business leaders told him how important green industries were in the Toledo area in particular. {continued}

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