Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ohio: Advanced Energy Fund {wrong direction}

How not to advance into a new growth economy, with comfortable middle class wages and benefits, once we led in these advancements. Where is that private sector investment wealth, with numerous huge job creating(?) tax cuts, of the past some thirty plus years new capitalism!!

Ohio Exhausts Funds for Advanced Energy Grants

02/20/2011 - An increase in demand for grants to fund solar panels and advanced energy projects in Ohio, along with a shortage of funding, has prompted the state to stop taking requests and left many applicants without thousands of dollars they hoped or expected to get.

The Department of Development stopped taking grant requests for the Advanced Energy Fund in November as money ran out, The Columbus Dispatch reported Sunday. The program awarded $15.6 million in grants for 161 solar-panel and wind-turbine projects from July to November, according to records.

More than 200 homeowners and businesses filed grant requests before the cutoff, only to find out they wouldn't get funds from the program this year, according to the newspaper.

A 9-cent fee on most residents' monthly electricity bills paid for the grants, but the fee expired last year and was not reauthorized. The Legislature enacted the fee in 1999, beginning the program with low-interest loans offered to homeowners and businesses. It became a grant program in mid-2006. Since then, it has paid out more than $49 million.

State Rep. Mike Foley, A Democrat from Cleveland, sponsored a bill to extend the fee, but the bill died in the Legislature. He plans to reintroduce it. {continued}

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