Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Greening the Gov.'s General Services Administration

The Blend of Judo & Kabuki That's Driving Sustainability at GSA

February 18, 2011 - As a crucial part of his ambitious goal to turn the federal government into a leader in green practices, President Obama has turned to an unexpected resource to help drive the effort: the government's purchasing and property arm, the General Services Administration.

The GSA's administrator, Martha Johnson, was picked to lead this mission as head of the giant agency last February. Speaking at the State of Green Business Forum in Washington, D.C. yesterday, Johnson asserted that the twin challenges of fiscal pressure and sustainability goals are perfectly matched to create change at an organization better known for its role as buying agent for some $90 billion worth of government materials and manager of half a million federal buildings.

"One of the things about sustainability in government which is so beautiful is… it talks about 'no waste'," Johnson said. Focusing on sustainability reframes the discussion away from negative connotations of cost cutting towards positive attitudes about constructive change. {continued}

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