Monday, December 6, 2010

Week One: UNFCCC

A 'balanced' outcome looks difficult to achieve

6 Dec 2010 - For a change, there is complete unanimity among countries at the climate change conference here on one subject. Everyone is in favour of a “balanced” outcome from the Cancun meeting. The trouble, though, is that each one has a completely different idea of what a “balanced” outcome should be. {read rest}

Wealthy, poor governments must unite on new source of funding to fight climate change

04 December 2010 - To move the current climate talks forward, both wealthy and poor governments must embrace innovative ways to pay for climate change adaptation and mitigation, and in particular back proposals to use untapped revenue from the shipping and aviation industries to fund these initiatives.

Governments taking part in the current United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) process have been making slow progress on finding ways to pay for a shift to a green economy that can also deal with the devastating effects of climate change.

In Cancun this week, much of the financing focus has been on the creation of a new global fund to address climate and how it will be managed.

While an agreement on how to make the fund operational is expected in Cancun, finding appropriate financing mechanisms for the fund – one acceptable to both rich and poor nations – is a key component of the talks that likely would help unlock the financing puzzle at the center of the negotiations. {read rest}

No show so far at COP 16 - Dr Osafo blames developed nations

December 05, 2010 - From Albert Oppong Ansah, A GNA Special Correspondent, Cancun, Mexico (Courtesy British Council/Ministry of Environment Science and Technology Cancun (Mexico) Dec. 5, GNA - Very little progress has been made at COP 16 in Cancun, Mexico for the UN Conference on climate change, because developed nations have refused to soften their stands, Dr Seth Osafo, Legal Adviser to the African Group of Negotiators to the UNFCCC Negotiators, said on Sunday. {read rest}

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