Sunday, December 5, 2010

Energy Conservation Code

Here, Here!!! Now if that 'voodoo' economics private capital, with their huge tax cuts, would be stripped from the cold hard hands of those hoarding it we wouldn't have the need to depend on us, the government and the treasury, to either fund or legislate reality while even creating jobs and savings for those who have little!!

Energy Conservation Code is key step to cutting utility bills

Dec. 05, 2010 - From R. Christopher Mathis, president of Mathis Consulting Company, an Asheville-based consulting group that works to improve the efficiency and sustainability of buildings:

This holiday season more than 170,000 North Carolinians will receive aid from local food banks every week. A 2010 report by Feeding America reveals that 42 percent of these recipients report having to choose between buying food and paying their utility bills.

Gov. Bev Perdue and the North Carolina Building Code Council can help reduce this burden by taking the necessary steps to improving energy efficiency and reduce utility bills for all N.C. homes. The key first step is to adopt an N.C. Energy Conservation Code which would improve the minimum energy efficiency of new construction by 30 percent. {read rest}

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