Thursday, December 9, 2010

Green: 5th Graders Get Energized

5th Graders Get Energized About Home Energy Efficiency

09. Dec, 2010 - Many adults grew up hearing their parents call out, “Don’t forget to turn off the lights!” as they left a room. These days, it’s the children who are hammering these reminders into their parents. As more kids learn about the impacts of energy conservation, they will begin to apply these concepts at home and help their families find ways to live more efficiently.

At a public school in northwest Denver, students are actively learning about ways to protect and preserve the environment. Recently, Veterans Green Jobs had the opportunity to speak with 50 fifth graders at Brown International Academy about reducing their carbon footprint.

Sam Marall, an energy auditor for Veterans Green Jobs’ Denver and Jefferson County Weatherization program, began with a concept tied to money.

“If mom and dad spend less money on the utility bills, what do you think they’ll spend more on?” he asked the kids.


“They’ll have more to spend on you,” Sam said. “That’s right – clothes, toys and other things for you.” That caught their attention. Their eyes lit up. It was a message they could relate to. {read rest}

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