Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Return To The Stone Age??

And here many tout Forbes as being a leader in our so called capitalist systems set up by those in advancing? societies. Frankly I don't read much from them, gave up long ago for reasons shown in this opinion piece. Even my simple mind can understand the total lack of not only the common sense we all should have developed as we all are born with it but the critical thought process of the educated from the industry of higher education {this one showing a total lack of how man came out of the stone age to what we did build as he tries to use that meme!} we've created,not to mention a twisted ideology that wants to continue the destruction of this planet, air, water, soil, etc. etc. etc........ . Don't care if one believes in Climate Change or not, going green would be the innovations needed for a cleaner planet for all those coming behind us in many ways. It also would create the needed {cleaner} manufacturing jobs, not to mention all those in the front end from products to the installations and maintenance, for the needs across the board for us human animals, unless of course we're evolving backwards in the animal world, then we won't need much outside of survival instincts.

Clean Energy Driven Job Growth Is A Return To The Stone Age

Job growth should be sparked by productive jobs, not a regression to energy-producing employment.

11.12.10 - At the end of October, backed by a $1 billion federal loan guarantee and cool technology, Brightsource Energy announced the creation of the world's biggest solar power plant in the Mojave Desert, the 330 megawatt Ivanpah. The plant will, according to Brightsource, "create more than 1,000 local union jobs at the peak of construction" along with "$650 million in employee wages over its first 30-year life." Hoorahs came quickly from many in the green tech punditocracy, breathlessly enthusiastic about this bellwether of a green tech job revolution. But is this project, and others like it, the jobs revolution spark we want?

At the risk of sounding something like a Green Grinch, let me be the first to say that I truly hope that America's recovery does not come on the back of a clean tech job revolution. All things equal, history will repeat itself and there won't be any such revolution. And that's a good thing. Job growth--and in particular manufacturing growth--will inevitably come from elsewhere and almost certainly in surprising ways. {read rest}

The grossly wealthy can't think? beyond those ever growing $$$ signs, reason, as per ronnynomics, they're Not trickling down to create growth, even for them, but hoarding that paper wealth, fearing it will all disappear {hint, it will if they keep trying to keep what has been the past some thirty years!}!

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