Sunday, January 4, 2015

Utilities Not Happy the Sun Shines Bright on Solar Energy

Instead of leading in the development, of Alternatives, starting back over some forty years ago as we once again started developing another huge industry, something we had done over and over in many area's, they continue joining with the special interests in fighting to block advancing forward!! We now don't have the innovative trades with ever growing experience as at the same time we were shipping ours to others with little to no regulations and much much cheaper labor, not cheaper consumer products, who now have the experiences and innovative skilled trades needed and are advancing!!

Utilities Fight For Revenue Lost To Solar Power
January 03, 2015 - Solar energy had a banner year in 2014. As more and more U.S. households make their own electricity with solar panels, they're paying less to electric utilities, and that's making the utilities a little nervous. In some states, those companies are fighting back. Lauren Sommer of member station KQED and Dan Boyce of member station KUNC tell us how sunny California and Colorado are handling the rise of solar.

DAN BOYCE, BYLINE: There's a quiet war going on, a slow simmering battle between electric utilities and solar companies.

LAUREN SOMMER, BYLINE: You probably haven't noticed this clash because it's happening one house at a time. read more>>>

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