Thursday, November 6, 2014

First Open Source, Solar-Powered Ship

Greenheart Project: The World's First Open Source, Solar-Powered Ship
11/05/14 - Greenheart is a growing social enterprise with big ideas. Design is nearly complete on Greenheart’s first innovation: a new class of sustainable, low-cost, zero-emission sail/solar-powered ship designed to fill current weaknesses and gaps in the global shipping industry. The first new ship of its kind, the S/V Greenheart (“S/V” meaning “Sailing Vessel”), is being developed specifically for those communities marginalized by a lack of capital, that lack access to deep-water ports, and that are unable to cope with rising fuels costs. Our primary objective for this project is to develop a fleet of ships that will return the seas to what they once were for all coastal and island people: an opportunity for growth, connection, and advancement in our expanding global marketplace. read more>>>

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