Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Rapid Advances Continue in Clean Energy Collection, Finally

Would have happened starting some forty years back, as we were doing in many area's, as we had started developing only to be effectively blocked by the special interests in moving another economic growth industry forward. The reasons given in blocking quickly falling away as they were said they would, those special interests now only have, funding in, denial of climate change left, which isn't an excuse to stop advancement into clean abundant energy sources.

A Single Breakthrough That Could Cut Costs on Solar Energy by 25%
17 October 2014 - Costs on solar are coming down steeply, and now they're about to get even cheaper. A group of chemists at Ohio State University has invented a solar panel that stores energy without an external battery. The self-contained tuner/capacitor panels are already being licensed to industry.

Above, you can see a scanning electron microscope image of the mesh solar panel, whose molecular structure allows oxygen to enter the device and assist in a chemical reaction that powers its onboard battery.

Ohio State University released a statement about the new devices, which they're calling "solar batteries": read more>>>

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