Monday, September 15, 2014

Solar Power and South African Schools

Using solar power to connect South African schools to the internet
Solar-powered internet schools can improve facilities and help attract skilled educators, making a huge difference to the lives of young people

15 September 2014 - Earlier this month, a pioneering new school project was opened in South Africa’s Gauteng Province. Harnessing the latest renewable energy technologies, the school connects teachers and pupils to the internet, bringing them into the digital age.

The solar-powered internet school at Jiyana Secondary School in Tembisa, is supported by Anglo American’s Kumba Iron Ore business. This is the latest educational project supported by Kumba. In 2013 alone, Kumba set an overall education and training budget of R34.8m (£1.96m), almost half of which was directed towards pre-primary and primary schools to improve facilities and help attract skilled and committed educators.

The Jiyana Secondary School project also includes a bio-digester which produces gas to be used for cooking by the school, a waste recycling station, a revamp of existing buildings and tennis court sized vegetable garden to help provide food for the pupils and staff. The vegetable garden will ensure continued supply of organic waste into the bio-digester, giving the school a sustainable energy source. read more>>>

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