Friday, September 26, 2014

Solar Energy to the Rescue

Egypt’s power cuts and pollution: Solar energy to the rescue
26 September 2014 - It’s a scandal that until now Egypt has been indifferent to solar energy. That the sun shines brightly upon Egypt nearly every day of the year has made Egypt’s failure to make a large-scale switch over to solar energy as its source of electric power is beyond comprehension. Ths is particularly so considering that 90 percent of Egypt’s vast land mass is desert – there will be no sacrifice of farm land involved.

Currently, renewable energy contributes a relatively low percentage of Egypt’s total electricity output compared to countries in Europe as well as Japan which have far less sunny days than Egypt and yet produce far more of their electricity from solar energy. Much of Egypt’s renewable energy come from wind farms although solar energy in a country like Egypt and most of the rest of the Arab world is obviously more reliable than wind. read more>>>

Ahhh, if only!! And we had started down the road in alternatives some forty years ago, heading towards building another big economic growth industry nly to be blocked, willingly, by the special interests!!

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