Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Space-based solar energy farm envisioned

Japanese space agency hopes to harness solar power in 25 years
May 5, 2014 - By 2030, Japan hopes to have an idea operational that now seems to have its roots deep in science fiction -- a space-based solar energy farm.

According to a recent report by IEEE Spectrum, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency has proposed a plan to create a series of geosynchronous-orbiting satellites that could collect solar power, beaming it back to Earth. The agency also reportedly hopes to have it done within the incredibly ambitious timeline of 25 years.

The March 2011 tsunami that damaged nuclear power plants -- causing radioactive waste to leak at Fukushima -- led to a search for renewable energy alternatives that would allow the country to forgo nuclear energy. With Japan's scarce availability of land and natural resources, such as coal, a space-based solar electricity farm seems like the best idea, according to Susumu Sasaki, a professor emeritus at JAXA. read more>>>

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