Monday, May 5, 2014

Columbia County in Connecticut Goes Renewable

County switches to renewable energy
April 27, 2014 - Powered by promises of lower electric bills, Columbia County recently observed its first Earth Day after agreeing to buy 74 percent of its energy for county buildings from renewable sources.

County Controller Ron Caponera has estimated up to 15 percent of the $535,000 the county budgeted to keep its lights on in 2014 could be saved by the switch.

Just two months ago, county government joined the growing ranks of local towns and villages with Viridian Energy contracts, on the advice of Columbia County’s Deputy Clerk Rebecca Vinchiarello, Caponera and former Assemblyman Pat Manning, a Viridian associate.

Viridian Energy, a subsidiary of Crius Energy in Connecticut, is a national energy-supply company specializing in renewable energy sources.

By “[e]stimating what the county has been historically paying per kilowatt hour for its energy supply, Columbia County looks to save tens of thousands over the next year by choosing Viridian Energy,” a press release stated. “It is believed that Columbia County is the first county in America to make such a bold move.” read more>>>


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