Saturday, March 8, 2014

Veterans Medical Center Goes Solar

Adding to the already expanding use of cleaner, healthier, sustainable energy needs in our government and for the country. Thus saving much needed VA, under budgeted for decades and with added needs from our wars, recent two still unpaid for, budget funds for caring for the brothers and sisters who sacrifice and serve, needs covering many area's of the ignored contract by the country served!

Veterans Medical Center Goes Solar in Florida
7 March 2014 - South Coast Solar LLC, Gulf Building & Hernandez Consulting Joint Venture, along with solar mounting manufacturer Renusol America announced the installation of a grid-connected 217.62 kW photovoltaic (PV) system at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida (US).

The system is comprised of 806 Suniva OPT270-60-4-1B0 monocrystalline modules installed on the rooftops of Building 10 and Building 13 at the Medical Center. The panels were attached to the metal roofs with S5 Clamps and the Renusol VS mounting system for pitched roofs. The system also included two Solectria PVI 100kW inverters to convert the generated energy from DC to AC power.

The system will generate an estimated 281,925kWh in the first year, which will offset 84% of the combined buildings electricity usage. Over the 25-year warranty lifetime of the solar modules, the system will produce an estimated 6,641,011kWh while offsetting 5,285 tons of CO2 generated into the atmosphere. read more>>>

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