Thursday, March 20, 2014

Solar Architecture Projects

And to think, often have myself while working in my construction industry professions, that here in the once U.S. we started down the road, as we had in many area's, developing solar, and innovating wind energy, energy products and installing them over forty years ago now. Only to be stopped by the same special interests blocking now, only false meme's left for them is financing denial of climate change, that used a variety of false meme's, all to fall away as predicted, during that some forty years. During the same time they, and many others, started exporting our innovative experienced trades to those that envied our economic growth and labor force. Not surprised at all that none of these examples, nor so many others over these very recent years, aren't from within our borders!

Five Jaw Dropping Solar Architecture Projects
February 25, 2014 - Sustainable architecture has been around for much longer than many people would think, but now solar architecture is making a splash.

Though the industrial revolution brought new technologies into the mix and buildings for all purposes used materials that increased consumption of fossil fuels, previous architecture was, using a broad definition, generally sustainable.

Most buildings from antiquity were appropriately adapted to the climates in which they were built, and early civilizations proved ahead of their time in designing structures based on complex physical processes and relationships.

Now, however, sustainable architecture or, for the purpose of this post, what I’ll call solar architecture, is becoming mainstream as solar energy continues to demonstrate numerous environmental and economic benefits. read more>>>

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