Monday, January 13, 2014

One State, More Solar Added Than Previous 30yrs. Combined

California Residents Install More Solar Panels Last Year than in Previous 30 Combined
13 January 2014 - Every energy source has pluses and minuses, but ask a Californian if they are interested in harnessing the sun’s rays to power their washing machines, electric lights, heating or cooling needs, etc., and you’ll see their answer in their actions. This past year, residents residing in the ‘city of angels’ installed more solar panels than in the previous 30 years combined, more than doubling their overall photovoltaic energy capacity.

According to Carol Olson, a researcher at the Energy Research Center of the Netherlands, solar power “contributes 96 percent to 98 percent less greenhouse gases than electricity generated from 100 percent coal and 92 percent to 96 percent less greenhouse gases than the European electricity mix.”

If the greenhouse gas bit doesn’t have you sold on solar, consider this: read more>>>

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