Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Climate Change and Clean Energy Through Executive Action

Clean Energy Experts to Offer Obama a Path Forward Without Congress
A new report will suggest 200 executive actions on climate and energy.

January 20, 2014 - President Obama's efforts to sidestep Congress on environmental issues will get a big boost Tuesday from more than one hundred independent experts who will suggest some 200 ways he can build a legacy on climate change and clean energy through executive action.

Nearly a year in the making, a report from green-energy leaders will make recommendations for executive-branch actions in six areas: energy efficiency, renewable markets, renewable-energy financing, alternative-fueled vehicles, new business models, and natural-gas rule-makings.

"This is an exercise to have a group of people who are outside the Beltway think about how to help the president move a clean-energy agenda forward with a Congress that doesn't act," said Bill Ritter, a former Colorado governor who spearheaded the report as part of his work directing the Center for the New Energy Economy at Colorado State University.

"It isn't that the president can do all of this over the remainder of his second term; the thought is to give the president a menu of options," said Ritter, who would not disclose details of the report. read more>>>


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