Thursday, December 12, 2013

Want to Stop Pollution and Clean Out the Existing....

This Bike Not Only Stops You From Making Pollution, It Eats It
12/11/2013 - Want to pedal your way to work but scared of what you're breathing in? Sick of smog spewing in your face while you cycle? Bangkok-based design firm Lightfog could have the bike for you -- or at least they're planning on building a prototype soon.

Lightfog's idea for an environmentally-friendly "Air Purifier" bike incorporates an air filter into a bike's handlebars, filtering out air pollution and emissions from those messy cars and pushing clean air back to the rider. Additionally, the bike produces oxygen via a process that imitates photosynthesis, powered not by plant life but by a lithium-ion battery embedded in the bike's frame.

Lightfog Creative Director Silawat Virakul told to Fast Co. Design he wanted to "add more value to a bicycle by adding its ability to reduce the pollution." It's a fair point, given that urban bicyclists can suffer health risks from breathing in automobile emissions. read more>>>


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