Thursday, November 7, 2013

Michigan Wind Industry

Michigan Wind Industry Spins Up Power, Success
November 4, 2013 - Wind power in Michigan has become a big business.

The state is about to join the elite “Gigawatt Club,” being one of only a handful of states to generate more than a billion watts of electricity from wind power. More than 40 companies in the wind industry now employ more than 3,000 Michiganders. Hundreds of wind turbines dot several major Michigan wind farms, where millions of dollars have been spent on new power lines to carry that electricity to power-hungry cities.

It’s all a heck of a long way from 1995, when the municipal utility Traverse City Light & Power installed the first commercial-scale wind generator in Michigan on a lonely field along M-72, generating a measly 600 kilowatts. read more>>>

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