Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Harnessing the Power of the Sun Silenced by Shutdown

Apparent breakthrough in nuclear fusion silenced by shutdown
October 8, 2013 - Scientists have come one step closer to harnessing the power of the sun. Researchers at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) have passed a milestone in achieving self-sustaining nuclear fusion -- but you won't hear about it from the researchers. The NIF team has been furloughed as a result of the U.S. government shutdown, which began on Oct. 1, and is not releasing updates to the press.

According to the BBC, a research experiment conducted in late September succeeded in releasing more energy through a fusion reaction than it absorbed by the fuel going in. NIF is the first research facility in the world to achieve this goal. A spokesperson for the NIF could not give a comment on the results of the experiment. read more>>>

A barrel of energy from a cup of water?

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