Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Barack Obama is Walking the Climate-Change Talk

Taking us back to what 'we' started some forty years ago, alternative energy sources, only to be blocked by the special interests and their minions who easily buy into the spin, today known as 'climate change deniers' because all the old speaking points were proved out to be the baloney they were and said of throughout these years. Trouble is what we once were, developing innovative industry and growth in, we no longer are and trail many who have our innovations and experienced trades they once envied and sought to only copy and are developing the quick advances and growth!

Obama signs on to three international climate pacts in three days
9 Sep 2013 - Barack Obama is walking the climate-change talk — all around the world. Or at least endorsing climate-change pacts.

In June, the president unveiled a climate action plan that called, among other things, for the U.S. to establish itself as a global leader on climate issues. And over the past few days, he’s shown that it wasn’t just rhetoric. Though the U.N. treaty process is going nowhere fast, the Obama administration is moving forward with smaller international climate agreements. read more>>>

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