Wednesday, September 18, 2013

1,000 Solar Roofs to Ypsilanti

Effort continues to bring 1,000 solar roofs to Ypsilanti by 2020
September 16, 2013 - In April, SolarYpsi founder Dave Strenski floated the idea of developing Ypsilanti into a “solar destination.”

He and several partners would partly do so by fixing a thousand panels to city rooftops in an effort dubbed the “1,000 solar rooftop initiative.”

But when Strenski went to the Ypsilanti City Council looking for their support, he was turned away based on one concern - that there are even 1,000 rooftops in Ypsilanti facing south, which would allow them to harness enough solar energy to power a household year-round.

Strenski didn’t have that answer, so council asked him to investigate and return.

On Sept. 3, Strenski presented his findings to council. Ypsilanti has far more than enough roof space to plant 1,000 solar panels on its residential homes, and Strenski’s team, which included EMU professor William Welsh, didn’t even investigate commercial properties. read more>>>

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