Monday, August 26, 2013

Third-party financing has stimulated a boom in U.S. solar, But....

What Do Efficiency Pros Want? Financing. What Do They Lack? Financing.
25 August 2013 - The energy efficiency industry is in a difficult spot.

Everyone recognizes that financing is one of the biggest constraints holding back the market. And it's not from lack of interest: the biggest investment firms in the world say there are billions of dollars sitting on the sidelines waiting to get funneled into efficiency projects.

However, a lack of lending standards and uncertainty about project performance are two major factors preventing a surge of new money. The other factor is inconsistent policy adoption, which limits project volume and makes it hard for large institutional investors to lump enough projects together.

So there isn't sufficient volume to bring in more financing, and the lack of financing (along with lumpy policy) is holding back volume.

A new survey from Noesis Energy shows why this is such a major problem. read more>>>

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