Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Power From Wind or Waves

Powering the Future: New turbine to capture energy from both wind and waves slated for testing
August 14, 2013 - A Japanese company is set to test a new power generation system which -- for the first time -- should harness the energy of both the sea and the wind to feed the demand for electricity on land.

The "floating wind and current power generation system," as it's officially known, will hit the water for trials off Japan's southwest coast in the fall. Just one of the huge floating turbines is designed to harness enough energy from the wind and waves, to power as many as 500 homes.

That's the dream of chief visionary Takuju Nakamura, anyway.

Showing off a model of the turbine to at the Tokyo headquarters of his company, Modec, Nakamura explained that the new turbine design should generate about twice as much power as a traditional wind turbine of the same diameter. read more>>>

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