Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Waste not:

Turning garbage into energy
17 July 2013 - How do you make sure that trash doesn't go to waste? By turning it into usable energy.

Well, not the trash itself - rather, the "landfill gas" it emits when it decomposes. That gas is roughly half carbon dioxide and half methane. It's that methane that's the key, because it is the primary ingredient in natural gas. went to the former Fresh Kills Landfill, on New York City's Staten Island, to see firsthand how the process works. Fresh Kills is one of 30 landfills around the country (see map) that have projects to turn landfill gas into "high BTU" pipeline quality natural gas, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, which says this high BTU energy can heat 342,000 homes per year. read more>>>

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