Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Green Home of the Future

That future would have been the present, and this country would have been the leader in another industry this time for cleaner and healthier energy needs, if we hadn't allowed the special interests monies and power derail the once growing innovations some forty years back and those innovations would have been as rapidly advancing as the computer technologies have been in new and, smaller even, advanced means!!

Scarsdale's Super-Green Home
July 4, 2013 - Scarsdale's 8 Kent Road is home to the green home of the future. The house, which is still under construction, was recently made available for a public tour, so people in the Village could check out home's whole-house indoor air and water purification and filtration systems, geothermal and solar HVAC system. Scarsdale's own Healthy Home Builders hosted the special open house.

“The architecture, construction and finish materials, as well as the systems of 8 Kent Road, were designed and selected with an emphasis on wellness for its occupants,"said Healthy Home Builders Construction Manager Peter Donovan. read more>>>

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