Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Floating Nuclear Power Plants?

The head shots of all that could happen and the results of are to numerous to list, they just keep increasing. And keep in mind, in all this time the only use for the spent fuel found is in weapons systems, depleted uranium ordinance, and yet finding ways to safely store the used nuclear fuel. It finally recently came out that contaminated water from Fukushima did escape into the ocean, any damage from has already started.

Russia Builds Floating Nuclear Power Plants
July 17, 2013 - So much for the lessons of Fukushima. Never mind oil spills, the Russian Federation is preparing an energy initiative that, if it has problems, will inject nuclear material into the maritime environment.

The Russian Federation’s first floating nuclear power plant “should be operational by 2016,” Baltiskii Zavod shipyard General Director Aleksandr Voznesenskii told reporters earlier this month at the 6th International Naval Show in St. Petersburg, where the shipbuilding complex is located.

According to Voznesenskii, the “Academician Lomonosov” FNPP will be the first vessel belonging to the new line of floating nuclear power plants that can provide energy, heat and water to remote and arid areas of the country. Mass production of similar floating nuclear power plants is scheduled for the near future.

The “Academician Lomonosov’s” technology is based on the USSR’s construction of nuclear-powered icebreakers. read more>>>


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