Friday, May 24, 2013

First Underwater Energy Storage Plant

Norwegian Scientists Unveil Plans for World's First Underwater Energy Storage Plant
05/20/13 - A team of Norwegian research scientists has unveiled a concept that could store energy on the seabed. Conceived by Subhydro AS, the underwater pumped hydroelectric power plant would use high water pressure to create and store electricity for later use on the shore.

Explaining the concept, Rainer Schramm, an inventor and founder of the company Subhydro AS said: “Imagine opening a hatch in a submarine under water. The water will flow into the submarine with enormous force. It is precisely this energy potential we want to utilize.”

“Many people have launched the idea of storing energy by exploiting the pressure at the seabed, but we are the first in the world to apply a specific patent-pending technology to make this possible.” read more>>>

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